About Ebonique Boyd

Ebonique BoydEbonique Boyd is a business consultant working with Good Management & Investments (GOOD). She has worked for the past six years helping spur economic growth throughout the nation. At GOOD, she has helped over 70 small business owners across the nation. Her priority has been helping low-income and middle-income individuals build their own businesses.

Spending time with her clientele, she soon realized the regulations and burdens that hindered her clients’ growth. She is running for New York City council to make sure low-income and middle-income individuals have as many opportunities to build new businesses as the traditional class of entrepreneurs.

She is also running to improve home ownership in New York City. Although, within our own district, most residents are the homeowner, the majority of all New Yorkers are actually renters. Her priority is making it easier for residents to buy and keep their homes in New York City. Her platform positions are listed here.